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In beginning of Feb I ordered from Tiger Direct a tower with windows 7 in it and the tigerdirect sales guy talked me into softwear and cords to hook up my printer to the tower. All of which added $200.

to the bill. We hooked everything up and windows 7 kept kicking me off of the internet with a pop up stating that the application was disabled and enter number. What number and no area to place the number. Windows7 has a defect.

I called tiger direct and told them that the tower has a defect and I wanted to return it. They told me that I should have returned it when I had 2 weeks. I want windows XP. They dont sell it.

My computer geek cant fiigure it out. Customer service is bad at tiger direct.

I shelled out 700 dollars to tiger direct and cant gain internet access. I dont recommend tiger direct at all.

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There is nothing wrong with the computer. You simply don't know how to use it. You even said it works and you simply don't know how to operate the program.

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