Wallaceburg, Ontario
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I bought may of thier cheaply priced kits, and other products, they keep failing. Now they won't stand behind thier product, they only stand behind thier legal paperwork and sweep me under the rest of the people they've screwed.

Have a look at the warranty on these item, especially the kits. By the time you get one together, load it and test it the warranty is over. 30 days? Second hand stores stand behind thier used products longer than 30 days.

Try thier return policy out, you'll be out over a hundred dollars and nothing will get done.

No wonder they are in business and have huge stores, they sell sell and ***, never care about replacing anything. People stop wasting your money.

Monetary Loss: $1700.

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I prefer to buy from another large supplier, that operates in Greater Chicago, which specializes in products for the Apple Mac market but TigerDirect is a good place for low-cost short term fixes for older technology, that will soon be fazed out of my office work environment. But when in doubt, just buy their nationally known brand name products.

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