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I ordered a laptop on Thursday through Tiger Direct. The web page indicated the product was in stock and would ship the next business day.

On Friday, I received an email stating the product was in back order and it would be over a month before it ships. I checked the web page again and it still indicated the product was in stock in the warehouse. I called that evening to cancel the order and advise them the web page was displaying false information .The lady I spoke with was pleasant and very helpful. She checked my order and told me the product was in fact not in back order.

She said it was located at an offsite warehouse and that she would rush the order, telling me it would ship Monday. I offered additional payment to expedite shipment. She offered rush delivery at no additional cost; she said for my troubles? She further reminded me that I would receive an email with a tracking number as proof it shipped.

On Sunday, I shopped around on line and located the same laptop at Best, with an arrival date of Friday (less than a week). I ordered the product and phoned Tigers Direct to cancel my order. I spoke with a man, who was also very helpful and pleasant. I explained that I received an email indicating the product I ordered was in back order.

I told him I wanted to cancel my order. He advised me it was no longer in back order, stating it was in stock at an offsite warehouse. I then told him I called Friday and the person I spoke with told me the same thing. I told him I really needed it delivered sooner, rather than later.

He also assured me it would ship on Monday. I told him I thought I might cancel the order anyway and he told me that since it was at the current stage in the order process, he could not stop it. I could refuse the shipment or call back after I receive it to get a return shipping label. At this point warning bells started making sounds in my head.

I should have insisted on cancellation, but I was greedy and needed the laptop. I believed what both representatives said and canceled my order through Best Buy instead. By Tuesday, when I had not received an email with a tracking number, I called Tigers Direct customer service again. I inquired about my order.

The man I was speaking with informed me that the laptop was in back order and that it would be a least a month before it would be shipped. I then explained my two previous conversations and what I was told by those reps. When there was no response, I told him to cancel my order. Upon confirming cancellation, I hung up the phone.

About 10 minutes later, I receive a phone call from Tigers Direct. The lady informed me that she has located a lap top at yet another warehouse location and wanted to know if I would reinstate my order. She assured me it would ship today, if the order was confirmed before 2 PM (pacific time)…UNBELEIVABLE! I said no thanks and hung up.

These people will say anything to keep you from canceling an order.

Be Warned. I am sure this same lie is told to anyone that receives a back order notice and tries to cancel their order.

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