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Tiger Direct is the worst company. Ask customer service to resolve an issue, they talk through you (and Shipping charges are criminal).Was offered free Anti-Virus software with my Purchase of electronic hardware.

Now four weeks later and several emails and telephone calls to customer service I finally give up to get my free software.My Question,is this the way to get customers to buy something by offering freebee's and then not deliver. So I say go into any walking store, Circuit City, Staples, look at the product, decide if there is value, and then buy and no freebie's

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Seriously, what is your problem? If td promises something and doesn't deliver they need to be held accountable.


Alright so you didn't get free software... 3 things...

1st Tiger beats any walk in retailer on prices 10 fold... 2nd as for shipping? wtf are you talking about 2.99 shipping is criminal? and 3rd Im sure it was that CA antivirus...

that anti virus is junk any way...

also you need to mail in for it through CA... grow up and get off your moms t,it Did you suck your thumb and roll around on the floor before you gave up on getting your software?

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