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My husband and I bought a computer and a warrantee that included in home repair from Tiger Direct ($850). During the warranty period, the hard drive went bad. We called Tiger Direct and they referred us to Bankers Warranty Group for repair. Bankers Warranty Group referred us to Capital Computer Service for repair.

They gave us a phone number for Capital that is non-functioning. After many weeks of calling both Tiger Direct and Bankers Warranty Group, we still don't have our computer repaired. People from both entities repeatedly told us they would call us back and didn't. We are now forced to have the computer fixed on our own. All that money down the drain. Tiger Direct used to be a reputable company. Now they sell bad computers and warranty services that they cannot provide. I used to recommend them to friends... now I say stay away from this company.

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Tampa, Florida, United States #839214

Last April I purchased a Dell computer from Tiger Direct, 2 weeks later it failed at 8:30 at nite, I went in before noon the next day and they wouldn't refund my money because it was day 15..They did exchange it for the same computer and model, a month later, it failed and was doing crazy things..

I had one heck of a time trying to get it exchanged since it was outside their 14 days again but it was defective, same issues as the 1st one. I posted on this site somewhere about it and was immediately contacted by the Main Company and chose another Samsung computer this time, no refund. 10 mos later the samsung was doing the same thing as the previous 2 Dell's, I again posted and fought with them but to no avail until I wrote to the Samsung CEO, I received a full refund for a defective and probably refurbished computer. I say that because of what I saw on it under devices which they failed to scrub before selling, too many names sitting there for a NEW computer..

I now have an HP I bought at HSN and happy with it so far...I WILL NEVER EVER WALK INTO A TIGER DIRECT STORE AGAIN, NEVER.

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