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The most unprofessional company you will ever experience... I have been making online purchases for years, but I have yet to come across such an untrustworth, disrespectful & vindictive company.

They shipped a 42" LCD and I paid for a 47" then the sales reps played games with over the phone for 2 weeks every step of the way.

Their only goal at that point, was not only to insure that I did not receive the item that I purchased in time to play back video of my daughter's 1st birthday party, but to insure that I still believed that they would delivered the item!

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Ryan! Please pull your bottom lip over your face and swallow.

This site is called "Pissed Customer." If he wants to complain, he sure as heck has the right to do it.

And by the way, did Tiger Direct ship you the wrong TV? I think you probably work for the jerks.


Yep im sure the owner said one day... I'm going open the worlds largest computer Eretailer just so you could order a TV and ensure that your your spoiled 1 year old daughter can only have a blank stare at a 42 inch instead of a 47 inch on her 1st birthday....

wow dude you sure its not your 1st birthday? Grow up

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