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Very disappointing. I receive an e-mail from Tiger Direct that has an SDHC memory card on sale for a terrific price.

Within two hours of receiving the e-mail, I try to purchase the memory card - I put 6 in my cart to purchase, then find an external hard drive to add to the purchase. Then I notice the cards are not the correct price - they are $11.99, not the sale price of $5.99. I use online chat, they say I must call in the order. I call in and am told it was a typo and that they will sell me one card at that price, not the 6 that I initially wanted to purchase for an upcoming trip.

Baloney. So, Tiger Direct lost the sale that would have been about $110, and have permanently lost a customer.

Then, within the hour, an ad for Tiger Direct pops up on my Yahoo homepage offering the same SDHC card for $8.99. When you click on the ad and go to the Tiger Direct homepage, you see the product is $9.99.

This is pretty typical bait and switch, or the company really has absolutely no clue what it is doing. Either way, my decision to never trade with them again seems well justified.

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