Bought a monitor from Tiger Direct for 169.00, received it on November 24th, November 25th went on sale for 159.00 ( one day sale ) refused there 30 day price guarantee for me. Said they won't honor one day sales.

I wrote them three times with no satisfaction what so ever. Have told them to remove me from there mailing list that they have lost my business.

So for I have never had a problem with a company price matching until now, I could have sent it back and recieved my money back but I just kept it, I figure my business is worth more to others and thats what I'm going to do.

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*** off Ryan. They lied about their price matching promotion plain and simple.


Yeah... ok heres the deal...

I'm sure you bought the monitor from an online retailer because it was the best price... am I right? also I am sure there is more to the story... more than likely they only had one left...

thats why it was a one day sale... and im sure that one left was open box from where they take pictures of their products... How long did you wait on the phone to *** at someone? What 30 seconds if that...

also how fast did you get the moniter... like 3 days?

Come on... Grow up and get screwed by some other retailer newbie

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