I have found tiger direct’s support to be the most horrendous I have ever encountered in 25 years of working with computers. As a former help desk manager I can say that I would fire the lot of them!

They have stalled me for months constantly responding that they needed my order number and problem description.

I have sent both the number and the request to them more than 20 times with the same response from them every time. Any 5 year old that could read could understand my request.

Of course, someone who can't speak English but is taking the job away from someone that does might have a problem with it.

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The customer service is horrible. Ive dealt with three reps......all must have been trained by the same person.

They act like they could care less and can't wait to get you off the phone. All three spoke with accents and sounded like East LA gangbangers/


Ryan must work for TigerDirect. He has the necessary IQ, a "5"


Buddy what are you talking about? You realize Tiger has won many awards for support.

Here the deal call them... have your order number ready and a reasonable request. If the part is defective exchange it... if you don't want it...

return it. If there is a compatibility issue... CONTACT THE MANUFACTURER...

also... you call Florida and and Illinois, not outside the country so I don't know how english is a problem...

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