My husband purchased a computer and i purchased a laptop at the same time.

both came with vista home premium. nothing works, my networking, my printers, purchased at tigerdirect.com gateway computers they both are and neither company will help.

vista is the problem, vista is the source of the problem microsoft knows this and knew about the problem before they put it on the market.a. class action lawsuit pending. vista *** do not buy it.

purchased 1-16-08 jerry tigerdirect 18009551888x5854 warranty both 2 years

laptop m#mt6456 computer m#gt5432 called tech support both companies.


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Live and learn, You can buy a newer operating system and rid Vista.

You claim a Lawsuit is pending then good luck cause they won't handle your claim due to admission of guilt.

Win 7 is far better and you had the internet to do reviews on before hand.(Before Ordering)

This is something you are at fault with.


I am so sick of ***'s complaining about vista... no problems here... have fun listening to your beta tapes and calling on your rotary phone.

Class action lawsuit? OK simple... DON'T BUY THEIR PRODUCTS... oh wait... you'll have to go buy a mac... an OS that has more peripheral problems then all of Microsofts OS's combined.

And Every 3-4 years? yeah ok XP has been out for more than 10 years,

People use your head.... dont be a herd of cows that can't step one foot outside your "comfort" zone.... UHG People are idiots.

Eastlake, Ohio, United States #6972

The less you have to upgrade operating systems the less problems you will have, especially with Microsoft. I amstill running windows 2000 perfectly with no problems.

Microsoft is a software sales giant, it needs to pushout a new Operating System every 3-4 years to get people like you to buy it. It's all a bit over kill.

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