This website of Tigerdirects took an order, sent a order confirmation (with no contact information) then NOTHING! My credit card has a hold for the amount of the purchase but hasn't charged me at this time.

After the website Tigerdirect.partsearch.com DISAPPEARED I called TigerDirect customer service and they had no clue about the order and told me it was a different company. They did tell me that they would have this issue addressed within 24 hours. Well needless to say they never called back.

In any case, I am extremely pissed because I have no parts, I don't know if the parts will ship, I have no way to stop the credit charge from happening.

Monetary Loss: $266.

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This has just happened to me TODAY. Tiger Direct just totally blew me off and said I needed to get in touch with PartsSearch - whoever that is.

I am not out any money because the card I used to order the part has been shut down but it totally ticks me off that they won't help me. Typical.


So now what...I am owed a credit for a return. Does anyone know who is handling the bankruptcy? Anyone have a phone number for a receiver?


Partsearch declared bankruptcy on November 1, 2010. The liquidator is refunded any money owed, if any.

If the part did not ship, you will not receive it. You card should have been charged, only if it shipped.

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