Santa Paula, California

I was reluctant to buy from but after seeing so many great reviews about this company, I had to try it. I bought a $700 laptop that was on the way to my house (2 min drive away from the UPS)and it said my address was wrong and they're trying to obtain the correct address.

Well, according to tigerdirect's policy, the package has to go back to them and UPS can do nothing about it.

When I got tigerdirect's representatives on the phone, it seemed they had hired teenagers to answer the phone, well anyway they could do nothing for me and if I wanted a refund (this laptop was a gift and it broke someones heart) they wanted me to way 21 days ! All they had to do was notify me and correct the address, but they did NOTHING.

I do not call this customer service, I call this a CUSTOMER NIGHTMARE! BEWARE OF !

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