In March 2014, I ordered $8,748.81 worth of furniture and paid using Bitcoin.After 2 months of emails telling me my order would be shipped "soon", I received an email telling me they canceled my order because ALL of the items I ordered were out of stock and would not be restocked.

It took them over 2 MONTHS to figure out they were out of stock for all the items I ordered! According to the policies posted on their site, if I cancel the order, I would get a gift card instead of a refund. I did NOT cancel this order, tigedirect canceled this order! Therefore, I requested a refund of the exact amount I paid.

I sent 6 messages requesting a refund, NONE of them were ever answered! After several weeks, in June of 2014, I received, via email, "gift cards" totaling $7,321.42, NOT the $8,748.81 I paid!

It took them 3 months to get the "gift cards" to me and they were for $1,426.42 LESS than what I paid!!!Just to clarify, the price of Bitcoin was HIGHER in June than it was when the order was placed back in March, making what I paid in Bitcoin worth even more than the original $8,748.81 that I paid!

Review about: Tigerdirect Gift Card.

Monetary Loss: $1426.

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Screwed me over too.Finally contacted the BBB in South Florida and found out I was not alone.

They got me for about $70.00 by adding a false charge and having their phone answers acknowledge it was false but just made up some bogus thing they said I was owed, which was totally untrue and only half the amount they owed me.

I have bought computer parts from several companies over the last 25 years and will not deal with them ever again.I hope this serves to dissuade others before their loss.

College Station, Texas, United States #857391

That sounds frustrating indeed. I've made sever purchases off of tigerdirect so far with bitcoin but haven't had any problems. I hope they reach out to you and make it right.

- Maury

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