Ordered an Acer laptop computer and MS Office on August 15th.Notified my bank in advance of larger than usual purchase so that there would be no delay in processing the order.

Bank rep stayed on phone with me while I completed the online order to ensure that everything went through without any issues. Before being able to submit the order, there were several 'personal' questions I had to complete such as DOB, previous addresses, address where my car was registered. Unfortunately, I paid no attention to the red flag going off in my head; I just needed to get the computer ordered/delivered as quickly as possible. So, I answered the questions and completed the order.

The level of personal information they require from the customer just to complete an order is highly suspect! But, hoping/thinking all was fine and the order would be shipped, I let it go. By the time I got home Friday evening (still August 15th), there was an email stating that my order was on hold because they needed additional information. There was a number to call in the email, but of course, no one is there during the weekend, so I had to wait until 8am ET on Monday to call back.

When I called back, there was a ridiculous run-around by a "customer service" representative with such a thick accent, I could barely understand a word she was saying...and mind you, I teach ESL students! She had to 'call me back' at the number I was calling from. She needed to know what the ship to address was and then put me on hold (for the third time) to confirm it was what I said it was. It was all surreal!

I let her know that I would never order anything from TigerDirect again and that I would do my best to let everyone I know that they must NEVER even consider ordering from TigerDirect! Continuing now; on the 19th, I get an email stating that my order has shipped. When I opened the email, I saw that it was only the software that had shipped. The computer still had not shipped.

At this point, I was done with TigerDirect. I immediately completed the RA request for the software and handed it back to UPS when they delivered it on Wednesday, August 20th. On Tuesday, I called TigerDirect to cancel the order since the computer had not yet been shipped. I even got a cancellation number!

That was Tuesday; on Wednesday, I receive an email that the computer had shipped!! WTH?! In the meantime, after making the call to cancel the computer on Tuesday, I immediately ordered the same computer from Rakuten.com. Ordered Tuesday...received and set up on Thursday!!

No hassles! The computer from TigerDirect has still not arrived (been a week now). Since you can't get a RA on their website for the computer, I called and spoke to someone named Gabriel who gave me an RA number and said that UPS would pick it up on Monday and if it wasn't there/ready for pickup, they would return on Tuesday or Wednesday. Do I believe him...heck no!

But we shall see. Planning to post this write up on as many sites as possible so that others are not subjected to the experiences I (and others here) have had to endure with this less than reputable outfit.


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