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I called tigerdirect to inquire about a priority code that was emailed to me stating to call + reference the code and received the run around from many Reps and a whole lot of ignorance from their Manager, Dave.

To make a long story short, I was accidently hung up on twice (I'm assuming it was accidental as I wasn't rude), spent several minutes on the phone with a lady that stated for me to go and purchase an item and add that code to the coupon code box (which didn't work); spent 45 minutes with a Rep that goes by "Rico" who asked me to send him the email (which I did) only to state that it worked without going to the secure check out (perhaps he lied to me in hopes of passing me on to the next incompetent Rep -- which he did). He stated that he would provide me with a discount for my troubles and said that he would pass this info on + explain the situation to the next Rep in Sales that could trouble shoot the problem a bit further and offer me a discount regardless.

I'm passed on to Frank in Sales who is confused and has no idea what is going one. He stated simply that he did not have the power to give me a discount and passed me on to his Manager, Dave.

I spoke with Dave, who was obnoxious, on the edge of arrogant and was absolutely against giving me any kind of discount as there was already a discount in place for the item in question, not getting the fact that at that stage in the game, I was looking for a discount based on the trouble I had been through being bounced around and confused more and more by each and every Rep I spoke with....He began to try and explain the phrase "priority code" stating that it had to do with marketing, not priority. LOL! When I asked him why they would want me, the customer, to be upset wasting my time "referencing" this priority code to somehow help them sell items, he became increasingly frustrated and didn't have an answer for me. I was only stating the facts. Why would a company want a customer to go through this, get upset and not buy anything? It made no sense what so ever. I asked him if customer satisfaction was a "priority" to which he stated that he could do nothing else for me. I asked for his Boss's contact to which he said he would not provide me and I was hung up on....

Here's the moral of the story. If you receive an email from this company with a "call to reference a priority code", delete the email. Save yourself the time and aggravation. I'll never get that hour of wasted time back, but TigerDirect will never get another cent from me so long as I live and I'll pass it on to all my family, friends and friendly online forums. Good work Dave!


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