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My boyfriend and I purchased a refurbished HP Pavilion Slimline from the TigerDirect store in Mississauga, ON, on August 20, 2011. We drove 2 1/2 hours to get it, because we had heard good things about the stores selection.

Well after getting it home and using it for about a week, it would crash on us all the time. Well we decided that we didn't want the computer, or at least exchange it for one that worked. So we drive to another TigerDirect store in Markham, ON that is still 2 hours away, to return the computer. We get to the store and about three employees approach us at the same time asking what the problem was.

Once we told them the issues we were having with the computer and how it was less than the thirty day warranty, they were willing to help until they noticed we didn't have the original box. Instantly, they were all rude and no one wanted to help us, and said there was nothing they could do to help us. Well we persisted and they said fine we will send you to the technician, see what he says and then figure out what we can do. We waited for 45 minutes for the technician to look at it, and when he did he said it was defective and sent us back to customer service.

At the customer service desk we show the associate the ticket we were given that said the computer was defective and all he says is sorry, there is still nothing we can do since you do not have the box.

The store manager (Steve) came over and repeated the same thing and said there was nothing they could do, and was extremely rude. So we are stuck with a broken computer, they have our money, and we will NEVER shop at Tiger Direct again!

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Dear Customer,

We aim to provide the best Customer Service experience to our customers and sincerely regret we fail to do so in this instance. Plz send us your order no.

to to help you resolve this matter to your satisfaction. Regards, TD Customer Service

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